When it comes to treatment for substance use and mental health disorders, everyone has different needs. Because of that, a customized continuum of care is the optimal approach. It includes various levels of care as teens progress through treatment. In many cases, it starts with visiting a residential treatment program at an adolescent treatment center in NC.

About Residential Treatment

At a North Carolina residential treatment center, teens stay at the facility for structured care. Residential treatment provides a safe place for them to concentrate on recovery away from triggers and other influences. This stable living space is ideal if their home environment is not supportive or viable for effective recovery.

In general, an adolescent residential treatment center includes around-the-clock care. As a result, supportive services are available no matter when teens need them.

Sometimes, a teen residential treatment center will use low-intensity services depending on the teens’ needs. These services aim to improve their emotional function and life skills and to prevent relapse. The facility will likely hold group therapy sessions as well.

In other cases, a North Carolina residential treatment center will use medium-intensity services. The facility might refer to this level of care as a long-term or extended program. Its services include treatment for teens who have suffered temporary or permanent cognitive problems. Also, the treatment advances at a slower pace and offers ongoing case management.

The third level of care at a teen residential treatment center includes high-intensity services. The treatment is ideal for those with multiple mental and behavioral problems. These teens may have abusive, chaotic and unsupportive relationships.

Residential Treatment Benefits

There are many benefits of enrolling in a residential program. One of the biggest advantages is that it allows teens to work toward recovery at their own pace. The flexible levels of care at an adolescent residential treatment center give them more time to work on recovery skills.

Another big benefit of going to a residential treatment center is 24-hour supervision. The team of specialists can provide medical help as teens need it. This medical management is particularly helpful for those who have developed health issues.

The distraction-free atmosphere that a teen residential treatment center creates is also a benefit. Since there are no drugs around, there’s no temptation to make teens want to use. The adolescent residential treatment center environment is free of stress too, which reduces cravings and triggers. With 24-hour supervision and a distraction-free atmosphere, teens can focus on healing.

Finding a Residential Treatment Center

When it comes to finding a North Carolina residential treatment center, families with teens have a few factors to consider. Firstly, they need to make sure that the facility treats substance use or mental health issue. Secondly, they should check that the staff members have proper training and credentials to provide treatment.

Thirdly, the adolescent residential treatment center should offer a flexible program duration that meets the teens’ specific needs. For example, if the teen still needs help after 30 days, the program should extend until they’re ready to leave. Fourthly, the teen residential treatment center must offer relapse prevention and aftercare services as well.

Finally, the residential treatment center needs to fit within the family budget. Families can talk with the facility to verify insurance and determine how much their insurance policies will cover. This approach helps them estimate their out-of-pocket expenses and plan for how to pay them.

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