Depression in the United States is one of the more common mental health conditions. People from all socioeconomic statuses suffer from this mental illness. Sadly, many of these people live with depression regularly. For those who are seriously depressed, a depression treatment center will provide you with the help you need. To learn about the advantages of our depression treatment program in NC, or to enroll in our adolescent treatment center, contact Foothills at Red Oak at 866.300.5275 today. 

Dealing With Depressiona teen boy talks to a therapist at a depression treatment center

According to the statistics, 16.2 million people in the United States have had at least one major depressive episode within the past year. Depression may be difficult to define for some people because they mix it up with feeling down. Here are some of the symptoms you may experience with depression.

Sleep Problems

Everyone may struggle with sleeping once in a while; however, people with depression have more serious issues that aren’t related to temporary insomnia. They may also feel like sleeping all the time, or they don’t sleep enough. Either way, it’s something that is an ongoing problem.

Cognitive Decline

This problem relates to your inability to concentrate. You also might be forgetful and indecisive. Of course, this doesn’t mean that you won’t have times when you feel forgetful, or you can’t focus, but with depression, it’s a continual struggle.

Physical Problems

Are you suffering from various aches and pains, but when you get them checked out, nothing is wrong? This is another common complaint of those who have depression. They will deal with different problems such as stomach aches, headaches, backaches, and more, and they are all related to depression.

Extreme Sadness

Feeling sad is a common emotion for everyone. But the sadness that comes with depression is crippling. It has hopelessness attached to it. Also, you may feel helpless too. Some people have suicidal thoughts due to the intensity of sadness.

If you are dealing with these symptoms, a depression treatment center in NC will provide the help you need.

Connection Between Depression and Substance Abuse

Many people who are depressed turn to drugs to relieve their feelings. Drugs numb out the feelings at the moment but make things worse in the end. It makes it harder to heal because you block out the emotions that are bothering you.

In addition, when you use drugs to deal with depression, you end up with a substance use disorder.

Signs of substance abuse include:

  • Taking medication that is not yours
  • Buying illegal drugs
  • Taking too much of a prescribed medication
  • Taking medication to feel “high”
  • Mixing medications with alcohol for a “high”

 It’s critical to seek substance abuse treatment as soon as possible if this sounds like something you are dealing with in your life.

Depression Treatment Center

If people with a dual diagnosis, such as depression and substance use disorder, receive treatment at a depression treatment center, then they can find help for their abuse of drugs. At a depression treatment center in NC, a professional therapist will evaluate your situation and guide you through the proper therapy and treatment to healing. Some evidence-based treatments that are particularly helpful for dual diagnosis are:

Introducing Foothills at Red Oak

At Foothills at Red Oak, meet our compassionate therapists who are ready to assist you with your mental health and substance use disorder. No matter what substance you’re struggling with, our therapists can guide you to a solution.

Don’t let mental health and substance abuse disorders interfere with your peace of mind. You can overcome the addiction in your life by reaching out to a qualified depression treatment center for assistance. Contact us at 866.300.5275, and we’ll walk beside you through it all.