group of teens in need of a social media addiction treatment centerSpending too much time on Facebook, Twitter, or other social media is a problem many people face. Young people, in particular, find themselves captive to their social media, where much of their peer group interaction takes place. But this use can quickly become a problem. If your son or daughter shows signs of social media addiction, they need help for this condition. While a social media addiction treatment center may seem unnecessary, it can actually be quite useful for this process addiction. A teen process addiction treatment center might be the best next step for your loved one.

An addiction of any kind is time spent on an activity or substance to the point where this focus interferes with daily life. But an online life does not replace face-to-face human interaction. It actually leads to a breakdown of social skills.

Help your young person build a brighter future of real-world fulfillment, beyond the limits of their Internet experience. To provide this, consider getting them help at a social media addiction treatment center.

What Is Social Media Addiction?

Social media addiction is currently not a disease in itself. However, behaviors associated with the excessive online activity are a behavioral disorder. Current research into this new addiction is creating a stir and drumming up much discussion. In the near future, more statistics and study results will provide a clearer picture of the actual extent of social media-related behavioral problems.

Any addiction is made up of compulsive behavior leading to negative effects. As with other addictions, addiction to social media leads to people engaging in this activity so much that their habits harm them. Spending time online interferes with school, work, family time, and other relationships.

Someone with an addiction to social media may find themselves compelled to use this media constantly. They spend far too much time reading Facebook feeds, checking out others’ profiles, or clicking through images. Or maybe Twitter is their problem, with everyday life playing out through status updates. The same issues exist across YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest, dating apps, eBay, Amazon, and anywhere people connect online.

Social media connections lead to addictions in many ways. These include:

  • Social media feeds
  • Commenting
  • Vlogging or blogging
  • Status updates
  • Photo posts
  • Sharing posts
  • Messaging

When Is Social Media Activity an Addiction?

It is difficult to know when your young person’s social media activity becomes an addiction. Many parents wonder if the addiction comes with defined rules, like a certain number of hours spent on the web each day.

Chicago University research concludes that addiction to social media is actually stronger than other types of addiction, including smoking or drinking. Cravings for social media activity show greater intensity than cravings for alcohol or cigarettes. At Harvard University, researchers found that MRIs show social media activity stimulating the brain in the same ways as other addictive behaviors, such as in binge eating and sexual addictions.

With these addictions to social media come withdrawal effects. Not using their social media for a period of time causes psychological problems like anxiety and depression. MIT research shows using social media actually weakens your ties to other humans. This means you suffer greater loneliness from using your social media, instead of feeling more linked to others.

Realizing your loved one struggles with a problem with social media or smartphone addiction means you need to find social media addiction treatment. Unfortunately, few quality rehab treatment facilities offer distinct social media addiction options. Luckily, Foothills at Red Oak Recovery is here to help.

Help through a Social Media Addiction Treatment Center

As said before, your loved one’s addiction to social media makes a social media addiction treatment center critical. Foothills at Red Oak Recovery in Ellenboro, NC is ready to help teens work through the problems that come with social media addiction. Through the adolescent treatment center NC provides, your teen can start enjoying a fuller, more prosperous life of real human engagement beyond the online world.

Services of Foothills at Red Oak Recovery include:

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