a teen boy puts his head on his arms and leans on his knees as he thinks about coping with loneliness

Coping with Loneliness

Substance abuse disorders and alcoholism are chronic mental health diseases that impact your thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. When you struggle with a substance abuse disorder, it can negatively impact your health, relationships, and finances. Symptoms, such as cravings, can occur throughout recovery, making it important to learn about coping with loneliness and other triggers. Addiction…

a teen boy sits by a window and thinks about stress management techniques

Stress Management Techniques

Addiction is a dangerous and chronic disease that doesn’t discriminate, meaning anyone, regardless of age, race, or gender, can develop a substance abuse disorder. All psychoactive substances, including legal ones like alcohol, can cause addiction. Addiction is a chronic condition, meaning that you can deal with symptoms, like negative cravings, long after your last use.…

a teen boy stands beneath a tree as he considers relapse prevention techniques

Relapse Prevention Techniques

Addiction is a chronic and progressive disease that impacts your thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. It is also a disease that doesn’t discriminate, as anyone, regardless of age, gender, or background, can develop a substance abuse disorder. Because addiction is chronic, you must learn how to cope with your symptoms throughout your lifetime to protect your…

a boy researches drinking and social media on his phone

Drinking and Social Media

Alcohol can cause both physical and psychological addiction. Anyone, regardless of age, race, or gender, can develop alcohol dependency, as alcoholism doesn’t discriminate. Alcohol intoxication can increase anger, lower inhibitions, and cloud your judgment, leaving you more prone to engaging in regrettable or dangerous behaviors. Another consequence of alcohol is that drinking and social media…

a boy thinks about the dangers of mixing substances

Dangers of Mixing Substances

Struggling with an addiction can impair your judgment and increase your risk of engaging in dangerous behaviors. Intoxication also lowers inhibitions, which can lead to bad decisions. For example, you may be more likely to experiment with other substances when you are intoxicated. The dangers of mixing substances can include fatal and non-fatal overdoses. Psychoactive substances…

a teen boy wonders what is polysubstance abuse

What is Polysubstance Abuse?

Addiction can damage your health, finances, career, and relationships, as it impacts your thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. One consequence of addiction is that it impairs your judgment, which can make you more likely to engage in risky and dangerous behavior. Addiction increases your chances of mixing different substances, which can lead to polysubstance abuse. But…

a teen boy sits at a counter and considers disordered eating and substance abuse

Disordered Eating and Substance Abuse

Eating disorders can occur because of body image issues and anxiety. Teens are also at risk of using drugs and alcohol. Teens with mental health disorders are more likely to use psychoactive substances, which makes disordered eating and substance abuse strongly connected. Adolescence is a difficult time for teens. Puberty, social pressures, and academics can…