sober activities are perfect for a family vacation

Sober Family Activities for Summer Vacation

Being in recovery doesn’t mean you stop wanting to enjoy family activities or the beautiful summer weather. Families need to be inclusive and consider some fresh ways to enjoy life together after alcohol abuse treatment. What sober activities can families enjoy this summer? Get answers by calling Foothills at Red Oak today at 866.300.5275. Plant a Garden…

two teen boys struggle with game addiction

How Much Gaming Is Too Much?

If you are a parent worried about your teen’s time playing video games, you are not alone. Gaming can start to take over someone’s life, similar to gambling or substance use. Too much gaming can lead to sleep deprivation, depression, anxiety, social isolation, and maybe even game addiction. Gaming addiction is becoming a growing concern in this…

parents hold an intervention for teens

Benefits of Having a Family Intervention for Teens

Family interventions can be eye-opening encounters where those who experience behavioral issues understand how they affect their loved people. It is a caring way to let someone know that they may need professional services. Interventions for teens can be tricky, but they may open the door to family therapy and other life-changing treatments. To learn about the benefits of…

a parent discusses teen social media use with her son

Healthy Restrictions on Social Media for Your Teen

Social media is a big part of most teen’s lives. It’s an excellent tool for communicating with family and friends. Teen social media use also allows them to socialize with people who have similar interests and beliefs. Despite all that, parents need to set some ground rules regarding its use. These healthy social media restrictions…

a teen avoids panic attacks for his mental health

How to Avoid Your Panic Attack Triggers

Panic attacks and anxiety disorders are often co-occurring issues to substance use disorders. It is essential to understand how your mental health intertwines with substance use and why managing concerns like panic attacks can help. An excellent place to start is by learning how to avoid panic attack triggers. For more information, please contact Foothills at Red…

two teens are able to enjoy sober holidays

Staying Sober on Memorial Day Weekend

Many families like to get together and relax over the long Memorial Day weekend. Your son can stay sober over Memorial Day using the tips below. Family support can help him commit to sober living long after recovery. Additionally, you can help your adolescent or teen experience more sober holidays with alcohol abuse treatment at Foothills at…

a teen joins residential drug rehab

3 Advantages of Attending Rehab Away from Home

If you have a teenage or adolescent son with substance use disorders, it’s essential to find the best facility for his needs. Often, that means considering substance abuse treatment away from home. Foothills at Red Oak Recovery is a treatment center near Marietta, North Carolina, that focuses exclusively on residential drug rehab for boys in their adolescent…