man taling to a Teen about self harm

How to Talk to Your Teen About Self Harm

Teen self-harm behaviors can be hard to understand or deal with for parents, which is why self-harm treatment programs exist. These behaviors are coping mechanisms teens have to release intense emotions, such as anger, frustration, neglect, pain, or sadness. After the harmful act, a teen experiences mental and emotional relief, although it quickly leads to…

teen treatment center North Carolina

Finding Treatment for My Teen Near Fayetteville, NC

If you have an out-of-control or troubled teen, you might consider getting professional help from an adolescent treatment center. Sometimes a teen’s behavioral problems go beyond growing pains. They may start harming themselves through self-injury, self-loathing, or substance use. Alternatively, they may begin harming others if they’re emotionally aggressive or physically violent. They may also…

teens at a residential treatment center

Qualities of a Good Residential Treatment Center for Teens

Residential treatment centers for teenagers exist to provide treatment for many issues. These facilities are not simply for drug use rehab but also behavioral problems and mental disorders. When families feel they need more help dealing with an issue, a residential treatment center for teens can help. They offer intensive and clinically focused programs, and…

Boy starting to smoke crack after being introduced to marijuana

Is Marijuana a Gateway Drug?

Because cannabis and related products are now more mainstream than before, facilities offering teen marijuana abuse treatment programs are more necessary than ever. These days, teens can more readily access both medical-grade and recreational marijuana because the drug’s reputation has changed. Recent legal changes and released studies have altered the way people view the dangers…

a teen is happy with his residential addiction treatment in north carolina

Residential Addiction Treatment For Teens Near Asheboro

Parents can struggle to find the right treatment options for a teen that needs mental health or drug rehab services. Residential addiction treatment is typically one of those options. When a teen is going to live in a treatment facility, it can be essential to keep it near home. There are plenty of residential addiction…

a photo of food represents healing from eating disorder treatment in north carolina

Best Teen Disordered Eating Treatment Near Winston-Salem

Disordered eating is a problem teens often face, especially if they suffer from low-self esteem or body image issues. Finding the proper disordered eating treatment can be a matter of life and death for parents with troubled teens. What should you look for in a disordered eating program? Get answers today by calling Foothills at Red…

a teen demonstrates social media abuse at nighttime

Ways Your Teen Could Be Abusing Social Media

Today’s teens spend a lot of time online, often using one of many social media platforms. Studies show that social networking could play a significant role in everything from teen depression to substance abuse. The dangers of social media addiction in teens are becoming more of a concern, too. It starts with social media abuse. If you’re…