young man tries to recognize mental health issues

5 Ways to Recognize Mental Health Issues In Your Son

Discovering early signs of mental illness in your son enables you to quickly get him into an effective treatment program. Seek help at a facility such as Foothills at Red Oak Recovery in North Carolina, which offers therapy for teen mental health issues. Early intervention for mental health disorders can prevent co-occurring disorders such as substance…

young man prepares for therapy

5 Ways To Help Your Teen Prepare for Therapy

Your teenager or adolescent has agreed to seek mental health therapy. If your son also has a substance use disorder, an inpatient adolescent treatment center provides a secure, safe space for recovery. At Foothills at Red Oak Recovery in North Carolina, we provide holistic and evidence-based programs geared for teen therapy. We are proud to offer five…

young man struggles with having his substance abuse enabled

3 Signs You’re Enabling Substance Abuse in Your Teen

At Foothills at Red Oak Recovery in North Carolina, we address all factors that impact teen substance abuse. This includes family therapy services and information on how to support your son without enabling his substance abuse. So, we have compiled some helpful information regarding the signs of enabling and how to avoid them. For more…

young man is told to set boundaries during addiction recovery

How To Help Your Son Set Boundaries In Addiction Recovery

Teens and adolescents are still learning what it means to set boundaries. That’s why peer pressure is so effective. Those struggling with substance use disorders may have a tough time avoiding bad influences. At Foothills at Red Oak Recovery, your son learns to set addiction recovery boundaries against alcohol and drug use triggers. For more…

man participates in addiction recovery resolutions

5 Addiction Recovery Resolutions For The New Year

Millions of people make New Year’s resolutions regarding their health and wellness. This year, take the opportunity to make addiction recovery resolutions that help you stay sober and drug-free. At Foothills at Red Oak Recovery in North Carolina, our adolescent substance treatment programs are a great way to get help for your son. To learn our picks…

teen deals with peer pressure

How to Help Your Loved One Handle Peer Pressure

The teenage years bring discovery and change. Many wonderful things happen as your son makes friends and forms his value system. Friendships form that can last a lifetime, but your son must contend with the dangers of teen peer pressure. At Foothills at Red Oak Recovery in North Carolina, we offer mental health and substance abuse…

ten boy participating in online learning

How to Support Your Teen During Online Learning

Distance learning has become popular with many schools, enabling students to learn from home. While the shift can be challenging for kids, teachers, and parents, schools provide different online tools to enhance smooth learning. Parents can also support their children in several ways to ensure they succeed amid the challenges of homeschooling. At Foothills at…