two teens drink and talk about the signs of underage drinking

Understanding the Signs of Underage Drinking

The most widely used drug by teens is alcohol, and, as a result, it’s also one of the biggest problems. Unfortunately, many parents don’t understand or underestimate the dangers teens face when using alcohol. According to statistics presented by the U.S. Surgeon General, there are an estimated 5,000 individuals under the age of 21 dying annually…

a boy listens to a therapist answer the question what is psychotherapy

What is Psychotherapy and How Can It Help Me?

When you’re wondering, “What is psychotherapy?” you’re not alone. That term is referring to the range of treatments available to help address emotional challenges, mental health issues, and some psychiatric disorders. The goal behind psychotherapy is to enable patients to develop an understanding of their feelings. In doing so, they can also understand what makes…

a teen boy sits on a beach and struggles with anxiety attack triggers

A Basic Guide to Anxiety Attack Triggers

Most people experience feelings of fear, unease, or worry from time to time, which are all symptoms of anxiety. When people find themselves in unfamiliar or stressful situations, these feelings are what many refer to as anxiety attack triggers. Because it isn’t always possible to avoid these triggers, techniques are available for managing anxiety symptoms.…

a teen boy sits in the corner and cries as he thinks about drug and substance abuse in teens

Drug and Substance Abuse in Teens

Teens are still developing, meaning that their decision-making and logical reasoning centers are still maturing. Many teens have abused prescription drugs at least once; as a result, addiction is a natural consequence. Fortunately, drug and substance abuse in teens is highly treatable at a teen intervention center. Addiction and substance abuse disorders are progressive conditions…

a teen boy stares vacantly into space as he considers mental health stigma and teens

Mental Health Stigma and Teens

Mental health disorders are highly treatable, but managing symptoms requires help. That said, mental health stigma and teens struggling with emotional issues can create a barrier to treatment, as stigma can dissuade teens from reaching out for help. Mental health disorders can impact anyone, making it essential to remember that struggling with mental illness is…