painting in a rehab treatment facility program because of the benefits of art therapy

What is Art Therapy

You may have heard about art therapy recently in the news, at the doctor’s office, or maybe you are looking for art therapy in North Carolina for either yourself or a family member. Art therapy is a new therapeutic technique that has shown promising results. The benefits of art therapy for people struggling with abuse…

man and doctor discussing treatment programs and what is reality therapy

What Is Reality Therapy?

Foothills at Red Oak Recovery is dedicated to helping your male teen recover from a traumatic life event or other mental health challenges. We also assess adolescents through psychological and psychiatric testing. In working with our teens we utilize reality therapy.  Maslow was not the only psychoanalytic theorist. If you have ever asked yourself “what is…

teenage treatment facility teen struggling with ptsd and children

PTSD and Children

PTSD and children is a subject we have only recently begun to understand. It was originally believed that children can bounce back quickly from events and it doesn’t affect them like it does an adult, but that belief has changed. Children are susceptible to the same after-effects as adults. Untreated PTSD in children can result…

teenage boy meditating as part of holistic treatment methods for substance abuse

Holistic Treatment Methods

Seeking help from addiction is one of the first, if not the most important steps you can take on your road to recovery. Thankfully, there are many treatment methods available to adolescents seeking help. Foothills at Red Oak Recovery provides holistic treatment methods as holistic approach North Carolina at their facility. Below is more information about…

what is equine therapy at a teenage substance abuse treatment facility

What is Equine Therapy

Animals have been used to help people throughout history for different reasons, including therapy and healing. There are many types of therapy available for those who need help to recover from substance abuse and other conditions. Equine therapy is a proven treatment that can help those who need a push in the right direction to get…

world mental health day 2019 suicide prevention

World Mental Health Day 2019: Suicide Prevention

World Mental Health Day was established in 1992 by the Federation for Mental Health. October 10th was designated as World Mental Health Day and was created to help raise awareness and acceptance of mental health issues, and end the stigma that was once associated with them. Mental health treatment can be beneficial for individuals who…

exercise therapy north carolina exercise and addiction recovery

4 Reasons to Start an Exercise Therapy Program

When people look for ways to heal from substance abuse, they often ask about exercise and addiction recovery. Exercise helps promote better physical health and a positive mental outlook. If you’re searching for exercise therapy in North Carolina for yourself or a loved one, here are four good reasons to start an exercise therapy program today. Rebuild Self…

world suicide prevention day

World Suicide Prevention Day 2019

The World Health Organization reports that suicide is the cause of nearly 1 million global deaths each year. However, about 135 family members, friends and colleagues suffer from the grief of each death. Because of that, suicidal behavior affects about 108 million people. Bringing more awareness to these statistics, the International Association for Suicide Prevention…