Foothills Grand Opening

Grand Opening and Ribbon Cutting! Located on a 94-acre working horse farm in Ellenboro, North Carolina, Foothills at Red Oak Recovery helps promote growth, reflection, and healing for those experiencing the results of trauma, mental health, and substance abuse issues. Motivational Interviewing Training Foothills at Red Oak Recovery provides our direct care team, which includes…

a young man sits on the ground and thinks about substance use disorders and coronavirus

COVID-19: Depression Treatment and Substance Use Disorders

People with co-occurring disorders are at a high risk of suffering complications and worsening conditions during the coronavirus outbreak. If you are struggling with what’s happening in the world around you, you are not alone in this. Many men and women are worried about their future and what steps they have for getting help. Yet,…

pensive young man looking through a window is an example of teens and mental health

Teens and Mental Health

It is not uncommon today for teenagers to struggle with mental disorders. As such, teens and mental health is an issue that continues to garner attention from parents, teachers, and mental health professionals. Common mental health disorders include post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, depression, anxiety, or borderline personality disorder. Let’s explore a…

young boy stressing over homework is an example of males and mental health

Males and Mental Health

Males and Mental Health It’s no secret that men have a difficult time talking about their emotional or mental struggles. What is lesser-known, however, is how the unhealthy connection between males and mental health treatment is leading to a wide range of problems including substance abuse and suicide. According to the American Foundation for Suicide…

man on the floor having a panic attack vs anxiety attack

Panic Attack vs. Anxiety Attack

People often use the terms panic attack or anxiety attack to refer to the same experience. However, there are key differences between a panic attack vs. anxiety attack. Knowing the differences can help your teenager get the right treatment if they suffer from panic attacks or anxiety attacks regularly. Furthermore, understanding the difference between the…