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Common Mood Disorders in Teens

Adolescence is one of the hardest growth periods for teens and their families. During this transition from childhood to adulthood, teens experience many emotional, hormonal, intellectual, physical and social changes. Combined with other stressors, it’s easy for them to feel overwhelmed and develop mental health issues. In particular, mood disorders in teens can lead to…

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North Carolina Teen Treatment Centers

North Carolina teen treatment centers understand that teens are still developing, which makes them more prone to making risky decisions or experimenting with drugs. Because the brain’s decision-making centers are not fully developed until your 20s, teens are more prone to making poor choices and may need help from addiction treatment drug rehabs. Nearly 1…

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Adolescent Treatment Centers North Carolina

The most common substances teens abuse includes nicotine, alcohol, and marijuana. As many as 1 out of every 5 12th graders have used marijuana within the past 30 days, demonstrating how common recreational drug use is among high schoolers. North Carolina opiate rehab provides support and treatment for teens who are struggling with substance abuse…