a boy thinks about trauma informed care

What is Trauma-Informed Care?

Adults aren’t the only ones who struggle with substance use disorder. In fact, a growing number of adolescents turn to drugs every day. Although there are many reasons why this occurs, the most common is trauma. Because of that, trauma-informed care is very important for adolescents participating in mental health treatment. What Is Trauma-Informed Care?…

three hands with three beers raised unaware of the dangers of teen drinking

Dangers of Teen Drinking

Underage drinking can lead to a variety of negative consequences, altering a teenager’s life forever. The dangers of teen drinking range from psychological problems to terminal health conditions, and even fatality. As such, it is important for parents to talk with their teens about drinking or provide help when a teenager has an addiction. Furthermore,…

teen boy with thousand yard stare after teen prescription drug abuse

Teen Prescription Drug Abuse

The fastest-growing drug problem among teenagers is surprisingly prescription drugs. Teenagers are exposed to medication either through a prescription from a doctor or the availability of the drugs in the home. The increased exposure has led to experimentation and teen prescription drug abuse. Since prescription drugs are readily available, identifying an addiction can be difficult.…

group of boys with arms around each others shoulders at adolescent-specific rehab

Adolescent-Specific Rehab

Adolescent-specific rehab focuses on the needs of young teenagers who are struggling with addiction or mental disorders. Although teenagers may experience the same situations as adults, they process them differently, as many of these situations are new to them. Furthermore, adolescents are still in the early stages of physical and psychological development. As such, drug…