young teen suffering from depression in teens

Recognizing Depression in Teens

Being a teenager isn’t easy. First, teens need to keep their grades up in tough high school subjects. Second, they’re pressured to join many extracurricular activities for their college résumé. Third, adolescents often struggle with making friends, dating, and facing bullies. Meanwhile, they’re also dealing with weird new body changes after puberty. Thus, teens are…

young man struggling with his mental health and in need of experiential therapy

Experiential Therapy

Experiential therapy takes place outside the office. Whereas group and individual talk therapy sessions involve theory, this treatment encourages hands-on engagement. How does it work? Most importantly, how could it help your adolescent at Foothills at Red Oak Recovery? Defining Experiential Therapy The teen therapy services NC trusts must contain a hands-on component. Adolescents learn…

father and son discussing addiction and family

The Connection Between Addiction and Family

Experts suggest that there’s a strong connection between addiction in teens and their families. Adolescents are the product of the homes in which they grow up and the people with whom they surround themselves. Addiction and family go hand in hand, which is why family therapy is an important substance abuse treatment. The Genetic Link…