a gentleman discussing the benefits of cognitive behavioral therapy the a young man

Important Benefits of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

There aren’t many adolescent substance abuse treatment centers in NC that focus only on helping young males ages 14 to 17. Thankfully, Foothills at Red Oak Recovery’s adolescent programs make it possible for your child to get customized, age-appropriate treatment for drugs or alcohol abuse—and even video game addiction. Your teen will also have a…

a man on his phone explores the dangers of social media

Learning About The Dangers Of Social Media To Avoid Abuse

In recent years, social media has become increasingly popular among people of all age groups. In fact, as of January 2019, 45 percent of the population worldwide used social media as a form of entertainment. Unfortunately, social media abuse is increasing with the number of people jumping on board to check out these platforms. Here…

a therapist explains the importance of gender specific treatment

Importance of Gender Specific Treatment

Before you select a treatment center for your adolescent, take a moment to understand the importance of gender-specific treatment. It’s easy to get caught up researching how different facilities deliver treatment. Also, debating what form of treatment will work best for the adolescent you’re trying to help. What many caregivers don’t realize is that the…

Boy sits holding a bottle, contemplating underage alcoholism signs

Recognizing The Signs Of Underage Alcoholism and How To Obtain Help

If you are a parent to a teenager, and you suspect they are dealing with an alcohol addiction problem, knowing the signs of underage alcoholism is extremely important. This way, you can obtain help as quickly as possible. Here are some underage alcoholism signs to watch for as well as information about our alcohol abuse treatment center…

Boy sitting by a window looking for co-occurring issues signs

What are the Co-occurring Issues Signs in Adolescents?

A person who has a mental health disorder, along with a drug or alcohol problem, has what is called a co-occurring issue. The condition is also known as a dual diagnosis. Families need to understand co-occurring diagnoses so that they can seek the right help for their children. Foothills at Red Oak Recovery is a co-occurring…

Boy with headphones checks his phone searching for social media addiction signs

What Are Some Signs Of Social Media Addiction?

In recent years, social media browsing became a favorite pastime for many people. In 2018, approximately 2.65 billion people used social media as a form of entertainment. This number is expected to increase to about 3.1 billion by 2021. It is easy to see how overuse occurs as social media is readily available to anyone with an internet or WiFi…

Teen boy sits with a counselor and talks about examples of process addictions

Examples of Process Addictions

What are Process Addictions? Adolescents struggling with alcohol and drug use can also have other issues called process addictions. They need treatment for all the problems at the same time for adequate recovery. Foothills at Red Oak Recovery is a process addiction treatment center in North Carolina that helps adolescents recover from all types of addictions. Examples…